Town Puppies is a qualified adoption center and is always open to working with reputable rescue organizations to participate in our Rescue Partner Project. To collaborate, make a difference and become an approved Rescue Partner simply send us an email request and we will coordinate an MOU after the short application has been verified and approved.


The invitation to participate extends to those rescues that can assist in the care, re-homing, and the safe & successful transport 

To be eligible you must meet all requirements ...

1.  Be an active organization for the purpose of rescuing companion animals and providing care, medical treatment, behavior assessment and/or other assistance.

2.  Have all appropriate licenses and registrations required federal, state and/or local governments when applicable.


3.  Have had no arrests or convictions of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment, or ever been banned or suspended as a rescue group from another shelter.


Once you have completed the below form our team will contact you to finalize the process and offer or decline your request.


Thank you for all that you do to save a life and make a difference. 



Meet some of our Pet Partners