About VSSN'S Barking Angels Program

Barking Angels Is at Town Puppies




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Did you know VSSN, a local nonprofit, pairs military and veteran families with therapy and service rescue puppies! Puppies are a great fit as they can be trained to fit the needs of an exceptional family member...


Many of our nation's heroes often sacrifice body and mind to protect our freedoms and return with physical and emotional injuries that have made it difficult to transition back to civilian life.  In addition, military and veterans also have spouses and children who suffer from physical and mental challenges and need just as much support.


VSSN partners with local shelters, rescues, and safe places like Town Puppies who provided board and care, trainers, and veterinarians as we find the right fit for a needy four-legged friend, with our heroes and/or their families!

                 Click to Come & Play with our Furry Friends


Become a Life Saver!

Here are a few ways in which you can save the lives of  our veteran & military heroes, their families, and a furry friend

  • Become a rescue transfer partner (shelters and rescues) where VSSN can transfer puppies from you! click to partner

  • Help us board our friends for a short period of time as we pair them with new Pet Parents. Town Puppies is a proud Puppy Partner! 

  • Refer a military or a veteran family exceptional needs click here

  • Let VSSN know your preferred puppy! We will help find a rescue that fits! click here

Volunteers whether a group, a preschool, business or individual can help by...


  • Come play and walk our furry friends at Town Puppies our board and care partners!

  • Scheduling a play date and learn about the program, pet safety, and how service and therapy dogs save lives then share with others! see minor sample schedule

  • See Adult Sample Playdate Schedule

  • Start a puppy pet supply drive and donate items like toys, beds kennels,  hygienic and wellness items

Volunteers & Playdates

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