We Love Our Babies and What We Do!

Our passion for all animals started in 1993. We have rescued cats, dogs and all animals in need.

“If We Can, We Will” has always been our motto. We served many communities in the USA with one thing in common; Unite Pets with Families.


Our passion also spreads to families and people in need. We support and salute our military plus first responders for their bravery. We strive to help any organization or person.


Did you know humans interacting with Pets help with Serotonin, Prolactin, and Oxytocin which helps people relax? Pets also reduce loneliness and increases mental stimulation. Many children with Autism feel a deep bond with animals. Pets assist memory in Alzheimer’s plus reduce high blood pressure, PTSD symptoms, and improve cardiovascular health.

For all those reasons and more we have it in our hearts, minds, and souls to help pets become a part of people’s lives. Pets deserve nothing but the best from humans; and we will do our best to make it happen.


No longer should we live in a time where pets were just animals. They are our Family!

What we do Best:

  • Rescuing Pups

  • Match Making Pets w/ Pet Parents

  • On-Going Pet Parent Support

  • Surrender Services

Rescue Partnerships
  • Daily Love & Care

  • Education

  • Partnership

  • Community Giving

Adopt or Rehome Now

Regardless the breed, condition or circumstance we partner to adopt in efforts to spare many others from euthanasia.

Find Town Puppies' events or some of those we support.

Search puppies and adult dogs . Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of  pets who need a home.